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Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of working in a variety of fields, each one offering unique challenges and opportunities. My journey began in the field of education, where I spent a considerable amount of time working with children with special needs. While I found this work rewarding, it was also emotionally and physically draining, and after five years, I decided to explore other options.

I was fortunate enough to secure a position with a U.S. company that specialized in mechanical packing, seals, and pumps. Here, I worked my way up the ranks to become an Inside Sales Manager, overseeing four branch offices and facilitating personnel and customer training. I enjoyed this work immensely, but a move for love meant that I had to leave the company and start anew.

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Having always been interested in marketing, I decided to start my own home-based graphic arts business just as typesetting was being transitioned from print shops to the computer generation. I became a Beta Site Manager for Corel Corp, and while I produced marketing materials for various clients, I simultaneously tested their software and hardware products. As software became more user-friendly, I trained most of my clients to do what I did for them in-house. One of those clients eventually hired me full-time, and I produced all of their marketing materials and assisted their sales team.

Life changed again, and I decided to move back to my hometown. After a long-overdue vacation, I ended up teaching in a Language Centre in Qatar, where I taught students privately and helped them achieve their educational goals. This led to a 10-year association with a family that I will always hold dear to my heart. I became the tutor and confidant to four lovely children, and while I never had a family of my own, I felt like I had become their mother. Once they had all graduated from high school, I returned permanently to the USA.

After my marriage failed, I decided to pursue a career in massage therapy and obtained a license to practice in Sedona, Arizona. I also included LED Light Therapy in my practice. However, as time passed, I found that massage therapy was not as lucrative, and my hands were beginning to show signs of arthritis. I decided to retire but soon found that retirement was not for me.

I then met my current partner and decided to get my real estate license to sell his house and purchase ours. Our purchase happened much sooner than expected, leaving me with a license and the opportunity to work part-time as a realtor. I found that I loved working with people and helping them find their new homes. Over the last six years, I have become enchanted with this work and have decided to make real estate a priority in my life.

This year, I have a five-year plan to focus on my real estate career. I wanted a position that had more interaction, and that’s when I met Leolinda Bowers, who had helped me during my first contract. Although my journey to real estate has been a roundabout one, it has been filled with challenges and opportunities that have allowed me to grow and become the person I am today.

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